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About the CEO

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Founder Mr. DK is a dynamic young entrepreneur with brilliant ideas and ten years’ experience in the industry. He established GalaxyWing IT Solutions in 2011, first serving clients in India, then expanding to the USA, Australia, and beyond.

He is managing a team of 15 professionals covering all aspects of website design from coding and graphics to SEO and long-term adaptability along with mobile applications. His strong work ethic and pride in their accomplishments complements his commitment to helping clients establish the most powerful digital footprint in the World Wide Web.

“At GalaxyWing,” says Mr. DK, “we pride ourselves on reaching an audience with intuitive websites that are easy to use and attractive to visit.”

About the Publisher

With more than 35 years’ experience as a publisher, television producer, and digital content creator for Fortune 100 companies, Stephen Geez understands clients’ goals, then translates those into digital website strategies built and maintained by the GalaxyWing team. Working with Mr. DK since 2015, he specializes in leveraging the superior expertise and cost-effective benefits of offshore website development.

“Whether it’s branding, messaging, selling, interacting, closing, or simply engaging visitors with a powerful call to action,” says Mr. Geez, “GalaxyWing is the best at bringing visitors to your site, then retaining them until you accomplish your goals.”


About GalaxyWing

Mr. DK started GalaxyWing when the demand for his freelance programming talent far exceeded the time he could devote to the highest quality work. He started building his team with members who could bring unique strengths, thus allowing him to gradually add more services. As word spread and clients sought GalaxyWing’s help from around the world, he expanded into the USA and Australian markets, but still works with people beyond even those borders. He is proud of what he and his creative and skilled team accomplishes, and they stand by their work to help you achieve long-term success.

The following are the services which are offered by Galaxywing IT Solution are mentioned below:-

Galaxywing & Team

To be on the top of IT companies was our aim and we came to fulfill it by splendid efforts of our team. We work as a family under one roof of our Galaxywing. We have enthusiastic, energetic and innovative team members among us. It's all because of those we are discovering all the limits.

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