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Android App Development

Android App Development Is Here With GEO Location And More

Our team from Galaxywing would like to offer you with experienced services for the Android App Development. Android is a world-class operating system, targeting a maximum number of users. So, creating an android base application can help in scoring your business high points. If you want to reach the pinnacle of success, avoid wasting your precious time, and contact us immediately.

We would like to help you in building Android apps with modernized technologies only. That helps in amplifying the current level of user experience. That might even help you to meet your standard business specifications. With so many technologies covered and industries served, you can always believe to get the best from us.

Technologies used by our team

Augmented Reality is the finest technology, which has already excited millions of onlookers.  This is the first and foremost technology, used by our Android mobile App Development team. This helped us in developing some of the customized restaurant related applications. That helps in rendering interactive reward mechanism.

Thanks to our AR usage in Android mobile app, it has currently become the most compelling call to actions for enhancing more conversions. So, with us, you can easily generate your lead, and help your business reach the high ranking in the competitive ladder.

Introducing the M-commerce solutions

The use of M-commerce has easily marked the transition of e-commerce stores from PC usage to the mobile sector. It has made shopping even more convenient for the probable buyers. Now, they do not have to sit in front of PC for long hours, just for the sake of online shopping. With our Android app development company USA and proficient use of m-commerce solutions, they can shop while on the go.

We have already developed various mobile friendly shopping applications, using this said mechanism. These e-commerce stores were currently built on PrestaShop, Magento, OpenCar and similar other platforms.

Enabling GEO location

Thanks to our team from Android Mobile app Company, we have enabled GEO location with your Android app development. This has been the key technology while serving e-commerce requirements. With the addition of this GEO location, we have successfully served 100s of e-commerce shopping apps. These are currently used for detecting user’s location, and deliver some personalized suggestions to them.

Through our GEO location, we have successfully solved various major issues, such as detection accident prone areas and even improvement in customer retention.  So, call us, and get your requirements fulfilled, when it’s about Android app development.

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