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Welcome To GalaxyWing IT Solutions

We develop websites, eCommerce platforms, mobile applications, information-technology systems, and all forms of digital management for your business, organization, group, or personal project. We work with your existing brand and network—or we start from scratch to guide both your image and operations online. We build what works, solve the challenges you already face, and adapt your digital footprint to an ever-evolving Internet. We know how to attract the people you want, finesse your interactions, turn prospects into acquisitions, and retain everybody on your list. (We’ll show you how to attract them, interact with them, get them, and keep them.)
We put the data for smart planning at your fingertips, and give you tools to realize your vision. Then we train everybody to maximize your impact.

GalaxyWing IT Solutions is your team for mastering the World Wide Web


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Strategic Planning

We assess what you’ve been doing, then help you develop your digital plan. You talk directly to your team leader in English or...

Website Development

We expand and perfect your existing site, or start over with the next generation of interactive mobile-optimized design. You...

Website Optimization

We optimize your entire digital operation for search engines (SEO), admin efficiency, user-friendliness, client-accessibility,...

eCommerce Building

From products to services to every kind of call to action, you need to make the sale. We make it easy for prospects to shop,...

App Creation

You need an app people want to download and use. From ordering to scheduling to keeping abreast of your current message, they...

Brand Building

Your product, service, business, organization, or cause needs an image. From logo design and packaging to the look and sound of...

Content Writing

Your website speaks for you. Help it convey your message clearly and succinctly, whether in English. Nothing moves users to act...

Social Media Marketing

From creating new materials such as video, ebooks & soft-cover/hardcover books, and other print materials to managing your...

Staff Training

Your new technology will wow your staff even as you impress the world. Galaxywing ensures it’s all easy to learn, easy to use....

Internet Security

You want your site protected, your customers’ data safe, your organization trustworthy. Galaxywing builds security into every...

Ongoing Support

Galaxywing provides the kind of 24/7 accessibility you demand. Problems are solved, unplanned challenges are vanquished, new...

Strategic Partnerships

Galaxywing teams with partners on three continents to bring you the best solutions for achieving your goals. We offer the best...